WordPress website design
If we mention wordpress, the first thing that goes on in the head is the famous blogging software that has evolved over the years to go beyond the idea of ​​a simple blog to a more sophisticated website that may be very specialized like wokomers specialized in electronic commerce or as magazines and international news sites that have been programmed on wordpress without To forget about corporate sites and personal sites, and so we can say that WordPress started as a blog and ended up as one of the biggest software specialized in creating websites quickly and safely.

WordPress website design

WordPress website design

Why wordpress?

The answer is very simple, and no matter what kind of activity or website you dream about, you can create it via WordPress. Especially, the WordPress plug-in library has become very large and varied, where you can find any software add-on you like.

Also, WordPress sites do not need to be familiar with coding and programming. All you need is simple experience in managing the content of your online store.

Word Press features
WordPress is an open source platform which means it’s free.
Easy to use in other words, it is user friendly.
The design is completely custom.
Based on being a blog, it has all the benefits of blogs.
It has a wide range of additions to improve the level and specialization more.
Friend of search engines.
A friend of smartphones (responsive design).
The ability to set the posting of content automatically at specified dates.
The possibility of integration with social networking sites.
Free and easy to update.

What do we do?
Professional theme design.
Installing the software on hosting.
Install the theme with a control panel accompanying the design.
Install all the necessary additions for the proper operation of the site.
Divide the site into main and sub-sections.
Private page additions.
Create main and sub menus for the site.
Ensure that it appears on the search engines.

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