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The Internet web sites have now become a key factor for the success of any organization, as it is no longer just a luxury for large institutions, but we believe that the internet sites have now become an urgent necessity, especially for small and medium companies due to their great need to build their reputation and to inform their customers of the services and products they provide, and not better than a website that displays This is easy for customers

The real importance of the need to have a website in marketing lies in the services and products that companies and institutions provide, as the Internet has become an appropriate starting point for marketing in general and for electronic marketing in particular, because the website is a free information space available to everyone and can be invested in the marketing of any institution, whatever its size .

In order to achieve the optimum benefit from the website, the plans must not end once it has been published on the Internet. Rather, you must market to it by various means and pay attention to placing it in all the publications of your company, and promote this site with all possible means so that you can achieve the maximum benefit from this site, and you can benefit from Our services in this field.

We specialize in designing and programming websites. We make all designs that suit all activities and fields. We help you to design a website that is responsive to all modern devices such as mobile, tablets, and all screens. Also on all browsers. Live web, website design company, the best choice.

A special offer for startups and small offices to have an integrated website that includes 5 pages website design
Knowing that this offer includes designing a fixed site as an introductory website for the company on the Internet in addition to using professional email addresses in the name of the company instead of using free email.
Specifications for displaying static website design:
Design a fixed website consisting of 5 pages.
Design a home page with picture sliders
Identification page of the company or the owner of the site
Display services / products page
A page to display previous business, customer list, or business models by choice
Contact us page – contains contact form when filled out, the data is sent to an email address of your choice
The design is compatible with all mobile devices, tablets, computers and laptops
The site is one language
The site will be designed within 5 working days of receiving the site’s full data.

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